List of All Marvel Superheroes

Marvel comics became a lifestyle since it started drawing out the superhero universe in the 1940s. Through the number of comics published from that time and beyond, there were numerous characters that are unforgivable in their own rights. However, we can only choose five to round up this list of all Marvel superheroes. We can not name all of them and give out a comprehensive account on each of their special contribution in the Marvel planet. So we hope you could be satisfied with what we came up with in this list of all Marvel superheroes.

Captain America – This guy is the champion of American virtues and values. He is always after the truth, freedom, and justice and he would not stop working until he finds that everything is working as they should. Captain America is always fighting for the right in a world where malice and deceit and abuse are becoming common.

The Ghost Rider – In Marvel universe, the screeching marks on the road belong to only one and that is Johnny Blaze aka the Ghost Rider. Aside from his classic story of selling his soul to the devil in exchange his beloved mentor, Crash Simpson, the Ghost Rider mesmerizes comics fans with his oh so groovy disposition.

Cyclops – What kept the X-Men intact has always been due to author Cyclops who is always dependent and serious about the tasks at hand. But wait, he has got more to charm the ladies. He is handsome and manly and unassuming.

The Hulk – He will not be named the seventh greatest Marvel character if he is not hot. Definitely, the green hero has everything he needs to have and more to save the world and make a difference. As emotional and impulsive as he may be, the Hulk never fails to do what he does best. And oh, he makes such a charming alter-ego in Bruce Banner, the reserved and withdrawn physicist.

Spider-Man – Peter Parker’s alter-ego is more than just a Marvel character. He is the ultimate Marvel superhero. He is human, not a mutant nor a god. He just happens to enjoy such a privilege to take responsibility of the world and free it from all kinds of evils. You see, it is not easy saving the world when you have got your own demons burning inside you to fight with. Good thing, Spider-Man or Peter Parker was brought up with a lot of sense and a lot of heart. In the end, he decides to become the noble hero that Marvel fans would grow to love.

List of All Marvel Superheroes

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