List of Marvel Characters


There is not a child or adult alive today that does not know at least one Marvel character. But to get a full list of Marvel characters would first require us to segregate the many different types of creations that Marvel has introduced. The list of Marvel characters is voluminous but let’s take a closer look at how they have and how they have been distinguished from one another.

List of Marvel Characters – Aliens

These aliens are found in the comic series of Marvel and they enjoyed air time in several publications including cross over from one story line to another. We all know about the Silver Surfer but in the comics, there is a character there called the Badoon, a reptile alien who lived on a planet called Moord while their female counterparts lived in Swampworld. The story of Badoon is about gender warfare, resulting in men eventually winning over the women. The special power of these aliens is that they can travel faster than the speed of light.

X-Men also has an interesting list of Marvel characters which includes Phalanx, from the Greek word meaning military formation made up of spears and spiky objects. Essentially, Phalanx is made up of contiguous parts that form a single unit aimed at assassinating mutants.

List of Marvel Characters – Mutants

This list is the longest of all Marvel characters but we’ll only be taking a look at a couple. Bloodlust is Polish that has vampire and werewolf like features, that is, sharp fangs and claws. Bloodlust is known for her exceptional speed and extreme agility.

Changeling is another Marvel mutant also known as Kevin Sydney who is a shape shifter. Although the character of Changeling was short lived, this was later on replaced in the early 1990s by Morph.

Darwin is a Marvel character that we don’t often hear about but is an interesting one with powers of evolution in the interest of self-protection. According to the comics, Darwin became an energy fuse and merged with Vulcan, the latter later on leaving planet Earth for space.

List of Marvel Characters – Golden Age

The Masked Raider is based on an American comic first published before the 2nd World War. The Masked Raider, together with his talented horse fought the lawless and dedicated his life to making sure there is justice in the world.

The Human Torch adds to this list of Marvel characters and this one was a robot created by a scientist also from the fictional world of Marvel. The Human Torch had little presence in the comic world but is very well known for fighting with Captain America and Namor.

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List of Marvel Characters

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