Marvel Comic Books – How it All Began

Marvel comic books contain some of the most iconic fictional characters today. With the recent surge in the number of superhero movies, Marvel characters have dominated the big screen, prompting many people to look into the story behind Marvel.

Marvel comics’ first incarnation, Timely comics, published Marvel comics # 1 in October of 1939. This issue covered the first appearance of Namor the sub-mariner and an android known as the human torch (different from the human torch of the fantastic four) . Today, this issue is valued at $ 330,000 – a definite nod towards its significance in comic-book culture today. The founder of Marvel comics was Martin Goodman.

In 1941, Goodman’s relative, Stanley Lieber, was hired as the interim editor of the company. You may not recognize his name, but during that time, Lieber was already writing under the pseudonym “Stan Lee”. Stan Lee is a major force behind Marvel comic books, creating some of the brands best-known characters to date.

Sales declined suring the post-World War 2 years. This was a result of superhero comics going out of fashion. Because fo this, Marvel (then Atlas Comics) shifted to different genres and storylines which appeared to the public. Genres included horror, action, adventure, romance, comedy, etc.

However, the 1960’s showed a huge revival in the popularity of superheroes, started by DC’s Justice League of America. Marvel comic books followed this success with Stan Lee’s creation, The Fantastic Four.

Soon, Marvel comics brave birth to all new heroes, such as Spider-man, The Hulk, Iron man, Daredevil, and the X-men. After the competition, Marvel was able to establish itself as one of the largest comic book companies in the world -a position it still holds today.

What made Marvel comic books so distinct is the fact that they devoted a lot more effort to developing the characters. Readers are able to see flaws in the characters and are able to enjoy the storyline much better because of those flaws.

This method of storytelling has caused marvel comic books to revolutionize the industry and capture the imaginations of millions worldwide. Truly, the way Marvel comic books have evolved is awe-inspiring.

Marvel Comic Books – How it All Began

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