Marvel Comic Books

We have read them, through the years and have followed them like a cult following and even now as they create more films with our favorite characters we can not help but buy the DVD. Marvel comic books have been around for a long time and have entertained us as kids and still do for most people as adults too. Who can even forget the famous words of the Hulk "smash em" or "Hulk Smash" which usually only the words he spoke and of course "my spider senses are tingling" which was what Peter Parker, who is basically Spiderman would say when he felt trouble was on the way.

Over the years the way the comics were changed and in fact they can now be downloaded from internet or read online, which now takes comic books even further than they could get before, and they are now reaching people who had never heard of Daredevil or Electra nor read about them.

The Marvel Comic Books have through the years changed with different artist taking over the helm of drawing the character according to the original only with their design, making also the theme of the comic books change. The new ones have even changed the outfits with Wolverine's tight yellow spandex suit being replaced with leather black and blue. The story has also changed with the times and the presidents that have come and gone as well as the opponents that have happened.

Even with all the changes that has gone on all over the world we still see fit too look for a comic store so as to see what is new in the life of Spidey, X men, Fantastic Four and many other characters that have been portrayed in the Marvel Comic Books.

Marvel Comic Books

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