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I’ve been meaning to make this for international women’s day this year… yeah… look how long it took to me finally make it? Haha. Lost interest, but when I saw Wonder Woman in the Batman V Superman trailer, I was like, hell yeah, I can add her, lol.

Anyway, I doubt ppl will watch this, but at least I made a new badass ladies vid. My first one made w/ marvel ladies was way before the avengers movie lol, and before that there was a kickass ladies from smallville. Sadly, I could not fit everybody I had already in mind (I watch way too much crap), so I narrowed it down a bit,I picked DC and Marvel minus xmen series, sadly. I know, I totally forgot izombie, even though I listed it and then only realised it when the vid was already packed (just look at the list of characters below, LOL).

Fandoms: Agent Carter | Agents of Shield | Ant-Man | Arrow | Avengers: Age of Ultron | Batman V Superman | Blade Trinity | Captain America: The First Avenger | Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Constantine (tv show) | Daredevil (movie) | Elektra | Gotham | Guardians of the Galaxy | Iron Man 2 | Iron Man 3 | Red | Red 2 | Smallville | Supergirl | The Avengers | The Dark Knight Rises | Thor The Dark World.

Characters: Abigail Whistler | Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) | Chloe Sullivan (Watchtower) | Daisy Johnson (Skye) | Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) | Dottie Underwood | Elektra Natchios (Elektra) | Felicity Smoak | Fish Mooney | Frigga | Gamora | Helena Bertinelli (Hunstress) | Hope van Dyne | Isabelle Hartley (Izzy) | Kara Danvers (Supergirl) | Lady Sif | Laurel Lance (Black Canary) | Leslie Thompkins | Lois Lane | Lyla Diggle | Maria Hill | Melinda May (The Cavalry) | Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) | Nyssa al Ghul | Pepper Potts | Sara Lance (Black Canary) | Selina Kyle (Catwoman) | Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana) | Tess Mercer | Thea Queen (Speedy) | Victoria | Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) | Zed Martin.

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