The Science of Ego, The Living Planet — The Science of Marvel

Ego is a literal living planet in the Marvel Universe, but how could a planet come to life. Let’s explore in Marvel Science! Find the Guardians of the Galaxy comic in “Infinity Countdown Prime,” on sale February 21, 2018!

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The American Museum of Natural History:

Producer: Judy Stephens
Director, Director of Photography & Editor: Jason Latorre
Vector Art: John Paul Remo
Motion Graphics: Nick Proto & Annie Mescall
Sound Design: Brandon Grugle
On-Location Sound for Florida: Joe Giannotti
PA for NYC: Shelby Staub
Host & Marvel Expert: Lorraine Cink
Featuring Jackie Faherty and Dr. Michael Roberts.

Special thanks to ISS-CASIS, NASA and the American Museum of Natural History!

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